Me with my cat, Melia

Hi! I’m Cory Feineigle. I’m passionate about the tech and gaming industries and the work that goes into making the technology that we love.

I graduated from Kent State University in 2018, then worked for almost two years as a Test Automation Engineer. I currently live in Akron, Ohio with my partner and our cat. Right now I am unemployed and taking time to work on some small projects and learn game development-centric skills while I attempt to pivot my career to game development. I try to output my passion for games in text, writing for several Medium publications instead of ranting to my partner for 15 minutes at a time about a very specific piece of a game’s design.

In terms of skills I am mainly a programmer and have software and development oriented skills, such as knowing Agile/Scrum, being proficient with multiple programming languages (C#, Ruby, Powershell, etc), and knowing the ins and outs of test automation. I am constantly working on learning new skills as I get interested in working on new things, but my passion for the tech and gaming industries keeps me mostly focused on them.