Roles: Developer, Programmer, 3D Artist, QA

(A download can be found at the bottom of this page)

Coriander and The Fall of Orion is part of what I originally wanted Woodcutter Adventure, to be. After two years it was still in my head so I decided to teach myself the 3D art skills to implement it.

In Coriander and The Fall of Orion Coriander, the titular character, grapples with the consequences of what occurred after The Fall of Orion. In game, this is simply talking to another character, Vanilla, as well as something else at the end (I don’t want to spoil it). You also chop down trees in game, with Vanilla asking you for wood to heat their home.

However, I envision this more as a prototype for a game that I do not have the time to create. I’d love to expand on this and make it something akin to A Short Hike someday.

Some tree cutting action

Because of this game being in 3D, I’ve learned a lot about in-game physics and the dreaded quaternion, especially in regards to character movement. I’ve utilized that to make the character look at interesting objects and so they auto-aim with their axe. That, combined with learning 3D art skills and focusing on developing workflows that worked for me made this game rewarding to develop. I had never developed something at this scale where I created all the models and assets for the game myself before.

You can find the page and the download link below, or at this link.