Technological Skills

  • Utilized in an automated testing environment to interface and test hardware and software components
    • VS Code, RubyMine, Cucumber, Gherkin, Ruby, YAML, XML, C#, .NET Framework, Python, Batch, Selenium, Watir, SQL, SSMS, Git
  • Used to interface with hardware
    • Putty, Linux, Bash, Ser2net, Eltima, Python Uart, Flask, and Eve
  • Used for virtual machine management to interface with system components
    • Powershell, Microsoft ServiceBus, log4net
  • Used to manage workflow, handle code reviews, write test cases, create work items, create support requests, and report bugs
    • SAFe, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Azure DevOps
  • Employed in a game development environment to create video games and a mobile application
    • Unity, .NET Framework, C#, XML, VS Code, Tiled Map Editor, Git, Sourcetree, BitBucket, Blender, Photoshop, Yarn Spinner

Work Experience

SIT Test Automation Engineer at Aclara Technologies

May 2018 – March 2020

Worked as a member of the System Integration Testing (SIT) team. Was responsible for porting automated tests from a C# framework that used TestStand as a sequencer to a Cucumber framework that used Ruby. Automated over 200 test cases communicating with a browser, APIs, databases, in-house applications, libraries, and services, and hardware through multiple console applications. Was also assigned to create an IP traffic generator to simulate hardware communications to test performance throughout the system. Became skilled at debugging systemic issues from the hardware to the backend software, including the many services in between.

Game Development Experience

Coriander and The Fall of Orion

  • 2020
  • Solo Project
  • 3D Adventure Game where you play as a Coriander, now a simple woodcutter, where they deal with the emotional aftermath of The Fall of Orion.
  • Learned and taught self many tools during development including Blender for modeling, rigging, and animating as well as Photoshop and YarnSpinner.

Gremlin Laboratory

  • 2019 – Present
  • Programmer and Engine-Expert
  • Working with the artist from Woodcutter Adventure 2019
  • Puzzle game where you splice gremlin genes to make the perfect designer gremlin, with the goal of infiltrating then overthrowing society.


  • Global Game Jam 2020
  • Was Level Designer, Assistant Programmer, and Engine-Expert
  • You play as a samurai who is back in the big city for revenge. You traverse the level, grab power-ups, and defeat enemies to score.

Woodcutter Adventure

  • Global Game Jam 2019
  • Project idea was mine, was Project Lead/Manager and Lead Programmer
  • You play as a woodcutter who’s goal is to find wood for the winter without ruining any woodland creature’s home


Is a freelance/solo games journalist and games critic. Posts articles on their Medium. Has been published in Vista Magazine as well as SUPERJUMP.


Graduated from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with the Game Programming concentration. Obtained a major GPA of 3.69, overall GPA of 3.702, and was on the Dean’s List from Spring 2015 to Spring 2018.


  • Kent State Feminist Club (Officer) – January 2015 to May 2015
  • Akron/Kent Board Gaming Club – November 2019 to Present
  • Vista Magazine – June 2020 to Present