Roles: Level Designer and Programmer

CyberBlade was my second time participating in the Global Game Jam. Since it was 2020, and I had more game programming experience under my belt, I wanted to try something different, so I joined the team as the level designer. I also helped out with the programming a bit and assisted other teammates with the engine we were using.

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The title screen! We leaned into over the top cyberpunk aesthetics as much as we could

I used Tiled2Unity to design the level in the Tiled Map Editor and import the levels, colliders and all, into Unity. It was a very different experience from the year before. My team also over-scoped so I designed a level with a final boss and progression in mind, while we ended up going with a more high-score focused system in the end. The level would have been designed much differently if that was the plan from the beginning.

This experience at the Global Game Jam was much different from me being team lead the year before. It was someone else’s vision and it was a bit easier on me to be assigned tasks. The scope of the project also helped me learn about how bad overscoping could affect the finished product. We ended up having to cut many features and change how the game played. We didn’t have enough time to add sound either, although we did have sound clips for use.

Some gameplay! I personally programmed passing through platforms

However, the limitations set on us allowed the game to be more replayable, the players potentially going further into the level each attempt. The idea had a lot of potential, but wasn’t as good as it could have been mainly because of time constraints. I felt like I had a truer game jam experience in that way perhaps.