Roles: Developer, Programmer, Artist, Composer, Sound Design, QA

(a download for PC and Android can be found at the bottom of this page)

Pixel Pusher was created from an idea I woke up with one morning. A simple one, where the player sees a bunch of colored blocks on screen, then needs to figure something out using them.

The title screen on mobile

There are currently three different game modes: Color Mode, Many Mode, and Near Mode. Each is slightly different with how you interact with the colored boxes, but they all boil down to figuring out how many boxes are a certain color in different ways.

While there were many difficult portions of this project, the hardest was the main functionality: the screen getting colored in. The algorithm for it was difficult to figure out, but once I got it the game was solid. I eventually learned how to multithread in unity because of this project, as drawing the screen could be resource intensive. For the 1920 x 1080 screen that is 2,073,600 pixels that are checked each time the boxes are redrawn, and each one has more than one operation performed for it.

My two biggest accomplishments with this game were composing the music and porting it to mobile. I recently acquired a PO-20 that I used to compose the music and add the sound effects to the game. Porting Pixel Pusher to mobile was trivial as well. It took me about two days to tweak everything I needed to and figure out how touch inputs worked, but I eventually got it up on the Google Play store!

You can find the page and the download link below, or at this link.

And get it on Google Play at the link below or here.

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