Woodcutter Adventure

Roles: Programmer and Project Manager

In 2019 I participated in my first game jam, the Global Game Jam! I worked with a team on Woodcutter Adventure, a 2D adventure game where you play as a woodcutter who needs wood for winter. However, you don’t want to destroy any of your forest animal friend’s homes. More details, the team members I worked with and their responsibilities, and a download can be found here.

Woodcutter Adventure was my first experience at a game jam, and I loved it! I was also lucky to have a group of people who liked the idea I came up with enough to help me create it.

Participating in this project helped me realize how much I enjoyed developing video games. It was also very fun to work as project lead for this project. I learned to trust others to do their part, and the value of collaboration.

One of my favorite stories I tell from these few days is one involving the dialogue of the game. We had to make the dialogue a certain length so it fit in the text box we created, and there was a lot of great collaboration on phrasing that wasn’t too long and would help direct the player toward their goal. I learned to value collaboration and moments where things clicked like that were my favorite from that weekend.

Us designing the single level using post-its was so much fun

My other favorite story came from directing the player on the controls. Originally, I figured we’d throw a text box up with controls so the player could see it, not having enough time for a tutorial or anything. Our artist, however, had the idea of creating a sign with the controls on it to fit the game better.

Where the player begins their journey for firewood

Overall, I loved the experience of developing this game and my teammates were wonderful. The artist, who’s beautiful art is featured above, I also started creating a game with! It was an eye-opening experience for me and helped me realize what I wanted to be doing with my life.